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Why Kentucky Will Beat Louisville

First and foremost, I hope that everyone reading this had an amazing Thanksgiving
yesterday and hope the rest of your holiday season goes great. I also hope that all of BBN
is ready for the big football game against Louisville.

Now for the big game of the weekend in the state of Kentucky. The Governor’s cup
between Kentucky and Louisville is finally here. A 3-game skid
ended the chances of the Cats playing in Atlanta and a possible New Year’s Six bowl game, but
a big win over their rivals will put a cherry on top of the season for the Cats. Louisville is sitting
at a -3 favorite over Kentucky for some odd reason. Possibly for home field? It blows my mind
that the line is this, with no bias behind it. Louisville has come off of two large wins, but that was
against 5-5 Syracuse and 3-8 Duke in the worst Power 5 conference in football this season.
Kentucky’s schedule was not the best, but the team just seems to be way more complete.
Turnovers will be THE factor for a Cats win, like most of the late season games. It is concerning
that the fumble problems have seem to not have been improved throughout the season.

The other major concern for the Cats should be Louisville’s QB Malik Cunningham. Dual threat QB’s have given Kentucky trouble in the past and our secondary has shown that they will give up the big pass play which seems to be UL’s calling card. Louisville’s offense is predicated off of Malik’s ability to run the ball. The Cats will have to make Malik one dimensional and throw into tight windows. If the Cats can do that and get pressure with just the front four I feel great about our chances.

On offense the Cats need to pound the ball. UK’s O-line is much bigger than UL’s front 7. if we can pound the ball and keep at it we should be able to wear UL’s defense down. Louisville has shown that against like competition they have problems scoring in the 4th Q. If we can keep pounding the ball we should start to see huge wholes open up for Rodriquez and company in the 2nd half.

If the Cats hold on to the ball, and make Malik one dimensional and slow his running down, they should win the game by 10+. So be sure to go over to Indiana and put a bet down.

Another big weekend for BBN coming to upon us. The basketball team looks to continue
the growth against the weakest part of the schedule and the football team looks to end their rivals hopes of a winning season. The football game will be very fun. Hopefully Cardinal fans will
actually be in the stands to watch the game because we all know BBN will have blue in Cardinal
Stadium. Two important notes to end on. One, L’s down. Two, GO CATS!!

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Devin Hall is a columnist for MESPORTS digital.  A University Louisville graduate who loves good music, good games and good times. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Mista_Hall25


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