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The Worlds most dangerous sports show

More than just talk


MELA or the Main Event Leadership Academy is our award winning social journalism and leadership development mentoring program.

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about us

We are more than just a sports show. We cover and engage the community like no other media entity

The Main Event Sport Show is Kentuckiana’s longest running sports show. The show consist of host Haven Harrington, Raashaan Myers, William Wright, Terrell Robertson, and writers Mark Bacon, Lee Ann Herring-Olvendo, and Devin Hall. We are a fast paced, dynamic show that not only covers sports in the Kentuckiana area, but all over. You can also download our app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. What we do. We are more than just a sports talk show. Main Event Sports is a multidimensional sports information outlet. We cover all things sports through the airwaves, blogs, pictures, video, and much more. We are a one stop shop for the best in sports coverage, opinions, and fan reaction. What makes us different. We are more than just talk. We also run an award winning youth leadership training program called the Main Event Leader Academy or MELA Main Event Sports also has one of the most dynamic apps in the industry with writers in DC, South Florida, Seattle and Kentucky. Download the App now to interact with us on your phone or tablet and to read some of the best sports articles in the nation.

Established 2008

Fast Paced




Haven Harrington III


William Wright

Co-Host/ Business Analyst

Mark Bacon

Writer/Senior Editor

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

Senior Editor/Writer

Terrell Robertson

Intern Supreme

Devin Hall

UK/UFC/NBA Analyst

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First and foremost, I hope that everyone reading this had an amazing Thanksgivingyesterday and hope the rest of your holiday season goes great. I also hope that all of BBNis…

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