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Main Event TV

Main Event TV is where you can find the latest Main Event Sports Show episodes. We cover everything from College basketball, football, NFL, NBA, and of course MMA and Boxing. Don’t forget to like and subscribe and hit the notification bell so you can be updated as soon as we upload a new video. You can also check back here because this page will be updated as soon as we drop a new video.

Main Event on Politics

We not only cover sports, but politics and relevant social issues as well.

Main Event Live

You haven’t experienced anything until you see the Main Event Sports Crew live and in person. We are the only sports show that has their own house band. Here’s a little taste

We Are Now On The Plug Network Online and KY Sports.TV

We are excited to announce that we can now be seen on The Plug Network Online and statewide on KYSports.TV. You can now watch the Main Event Sports Show live, every Thursday at 7pm EST on the Plug Network online. Click the METV icon to watch us live!

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