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The AP Top 25 Quick Snap Week 6

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo MESPORTS SOUTH

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We all know how I feel about rankings but in the college football world, they are apart of what makes it go round to a degree. I figured now was about time since the SEC has returned and given us a better look at how things will shape up down the stretch of this unusual 2020 college football season. If the last month, especially the last two weeks have not shown you that it doesn’t matter how good you look on paper if you can’t finish what your start any team that is ready to outplay you will. Just ask teams like Texas, OU  to start off. But such is life when it comes to this game. Just think how much more of a whirlwind we are about to witness as The PAC 12 and Big 10 come back to the mix later this month. 

Anyhow, let’s take a look at how your team is faring in this week’s AP  Top 25 Poll. Here is a quick snap at Week 6 Top 10 or rather 13 teams in the CFP hunt.

Week 6 AP Poll

1Clemson 3-0 There a big reason the Power 5 decided to keep on and I am sure glad if not things would have been even weirder this season. This shouldn’t surprise anyone especially knowing Lawerence anchors this offense and well Dabo does Dabo things to make a win. Its going to get Muy Caliente in Week Six as they take on the #7 Miami. This could shake up the top 5 real quick especially if Bama gets upsets by Ole Miss as well! Anything goes!

2Alabama 2-0 Would you expect anything less from Nick Saban I mean #BuiltByBama but I am not going to lie I feel a reincarnation of an upset this week as Kiffin faces his mentor down in Oxford. Now that would shake some stuff up!

3Georgia 2-0 Ye of little faith. I know week 1 in the SEC that the QB situation was damn chaos. However, anyone who knows Kirby Smart he’s not going to let that problem get to out of hand. I think the Dawgs have a legend in the making with QB Stetson Bennett I mean come on when your answer to “ So what did you do at halftime?”  is “ Had a scotch and called your mother!”  I think he got the wiggles out and I see a bright future ahead for the Dawgs if they can keep the balance going.

4Florida 2-0 The Cocktail party could be back on the gridiron finally for the Gators. Finally seeming to get back into the groove. Looking consistent kept them steady in the rankings I think it was hard to push them up higher because of Georgia’s win.

5Notre Dame 2-0 The independent is holding their ground. I hand it to them their just something about the Irish that riles you up in football. I would like to seem them make a run this season. Kudos to waiting patiently in between to keep playing football (21 days). The Irish will return this weekend to play FSU.  Style points wouldn’t hurt this ball club to up their anty with the CFP committee.

6Ohio State (0-0) I get it but come on why are we ranking them when they haven’t played a down of football just saying. Sorry, no dice. I will revisit them when they start 

7Miami 3-0 Could Manny Diaz finally have brought back “The U” well they have a hell of a  chance to show it this week as they take on #1 Clemson in Week 6. The Canes will need to play flawlessly. Clemson as great has they are that O-line is a bit of a weak spot that the Canes D could expose early they will not just have to get to Trevor Lawerence but they are going to have to find a way to cut off his lifeline RB, Travis Etienne one of the nations best right now. But it’s not impossible.

8.UNC 2-0 The MACKs return has really brought this program a long way in a short time. Sure there not what he built at Texas but year one 2 games won then last season 7 now At # 8 and wheres Texas rank right now #trusttheprocess #TheMackAttack “One of the things I said when I came back, I was always disappointed at Texas if we didn’t play well and we won. And I said I am not going to be that way at Carolina. I’m going to enjoy this one. I’m going to appreciate winning.” -Mack Brown Post Game BC Week 5

9.Penn St. (0-0) Again if the team isn’t playing why are you getting ranked. I promise you I say the same if it was as an SEC team!

10 Oklahoma State 3-0 (You know its 2020 When Gundy and the Cowboys could be the Big12 chance at the CFP. He may be a little unconventional but it is 2020)

11.Cincinnati 3-0 Desmond Ridder may not be one of the top names you know as a college QB but he’s a competitor and slow and steady might win the race for him and that offense. If they can just get comfortable and come into their own they good opportunity to be on the rise. Now are they a national championship team no but its always good to see a team like Cincy get a chance to go the distance and bring some unlikely twist to the college football mix.

12 Oregon (0-0) your not playing you shouldn’t be in the mix yet.

13.Auburn 1-1 Maz your playing for your life come on son get it done. Every Dawg has its day and Kirby Smart sure took it to the Tigers even after everyone seems for sure Auburn was a better ball club well on paper but not on the field in Athens in Week 5. But all is not lost the Tigers return home to Auburn to take on Arkansas. It’s a chance for Maz to show they’re not in as bad shape and the fact that the Razorbacks aren’t that strong.

As the song says, It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll. If you think about it we are really just getting started on this rollercoaster just wait till the Big 10 and Pac 12 do and see what the Big 12 can do because you know there’s going to be major shakes up to come in the SEC. So hold on to your seats because we are in for a ride in Week 6. ALL ABOARD!

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