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SEC Week 2 LIGHTS OUT Ole Miss (0-1) vs Kentucky (0-1)

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo MESPORTS SOUTH

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LEXINGTON,KY– 472. 5 miles separate Oxford from Lexington. Boy, do I remember when I used to make those round trip drives when I was covering both of these football teams at the same time. They teach you not to be biased in this business but today for me its kind of hard not too considering my history with #BBN and #HottyToddy. Much has changed for both these teams and I can tell you this its damn good to see both these ball clubs coming into their own. 

In week 1 we witnessed just what they could do but yet again the same storyline of not being able to finish what they start is what stood at the forefront for each of them. But like Winston Churchill said, “Failure is not final.”  This is by no means the final for either one of these teams. No matter if you chant  #BBN or #HottyToddy both fan bases can agree that both these ball clubs are hungrier than ever and we will see it on the field in just a few hours from now. The question is which team has the will to start stronger and finish stronger today in the Commonwealth?

Game Notes



Over / Under :-110



The Lane Train was full speed ahead and Ole Miss was ready to #LFG starting out against the Gators. For once it seemed that that Mississippi gentleman found their match with Kiffin taking the lead. The offense was pretty damn exciting to watch for once putting up 619 yards and 29 first downs. This is seriously a dangerous force in the making with that type of arsenal that is being put together. I am a fan of thinking outside the box and utilizing your players in a plethora of ways. Kiffin’s offensive playbook in Week 1 was not just exciting but effective and I think Ole Miss needed that sort of life breathed back into it.  I mean look what worked as far as playcalling playing both your QBs Coral and Plumee on the same play call and having a player like  Dontario Drummond not just catch a TD but throw one too work all in the same game on a trick play yes a trick play.  While the offense is beyond explosive it wasn’t enough to pull ahead of their 35-51 loss against the Gators. There are a lot of positives this go around that could revive Ole Miss but they are going to have to find a way to ax their defensive Achilles Heel the explosive offense can’t be the only thing to carry them down the stretch in an all-SEC conference play. 1 down 9 more to go in the SEC is a lot of sweat, blood, and tears to get to the finish line.


They say you have to finish what you start and you have to close in order to be a contender right? Kentucky needs to finish what they start in Week 2 of the SEC. The Cats showed they have the means to outplay their opponent after they were able to outgain Auburn 384-324, produce more first downs, and run more offensive plays than the Tigers. However, it was the overlooking of the details that did them in. Fumbles, interceptions, and a failed fake punt is what ultimately caused the Cats to succumb to Auburn 28-13 on the road. The saving grace for the Cats will be taking it back to their run-heavy offense. QB Terry Wilson, his line, and with RBs Asim Rose and Kavosey Smoke grit and grinding it out on the ground is like the golden ticket for this ball club. They are workhorses and like to keep pushing which could help edge Ole Miss especially where their defense is concerned. As Coach Stoops has preached #TrustInTheProcess. It looks like his the fruits of his labor finally are coming to fruition and their is no better time than now for the #BBN.

Lights Out


Find Balance

If Ole Miss and that Lane Train are going to utilize that up-tempo full speed offense which has proven it can put up some points quickly. Then that means the defense will be on the field a lot and for Ole Miss, we all know that isn’t their strong suit. So there going to have to make it a point to counter that fast play calling offense with ready and able defense. Honestly, for Ole Miss its time to keep it simple against the defense. We know Stoops is going to lean towards a run heaving and ground game to try to wear out the defense to stay afloat. So the counter is going to have to be to force and put pressure on Wilson from getting his ground game flowing. If they can limit that it gives them an opportunity to utilize that high-powered offense to rack up those points.

Full Speed Ahead

Coral and Plummee along with those weapons are explosive no doubt and spell trouble for that UK secondary. The key will be to get your offense the ball as much as possible and keep the pass game heavy. The Defense and Special Teams will be clutch in today’s match-up and will need to make big plays and big stops especially with Gatewood being able to take the field along with Wilson for the UK Offense.


Run Cats Run 

Run with what works and fits I can’t stress it enough. For the Cats its that run-heavy offense. Not that they should disregard the passing game but that’s what’s going to be the thorn in the side for Ole Miss because their defense just struggles and if Week 1 showed us anything they were about exhausted at the end of the first half.

Don’t Flinch or falter

It couldn’t get more simple than the key for the Cats to go lights out against Ole Miss at home is to not pile up mistakes, limit turnovers and most importantly control the clock and possession battle for 4 QTRS.

Both these teams are coming into their own finally. I know both these fan bases have waited for their moments to get to this point. This one as you know is always a tough one for me to call because both these programs literally are why I started covering college football in the SEC to begging with but you have to call it as you see it. I think the key will be whichever team’s defense can show out. Both these offensives are going to carry their respective teams and put up some numbers but it’s usually your weakest aspect that can either help or hinder a team’s ability to close a game. Each of the teams showed a glimpse of their ability to start strong but you have to finish stronger if you want to come out on top. When it’s all said and done The stout Kentucky O-Line, A farther along with defense, and Gatewood being cleared to take the field behind Wilson will be just enough fuel to edge out Ole Miss.  Kentucky 26-20  Ole Miss in Lexington in Week 2 in the SEC. All Aboard Y’all!

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