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SEC Week 2 Lights Out #7 Auburn (1-0) vs #4 Georgia(1-0)

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo MESPORTS SOUTH

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ATHENS,GA–  Live from the Classic City this evening is the early edition of the Deep Souths Oldest Rivalry. While tonight Sanford Stadium may not be filled with 90,000 fans in a  chanting battle  shouting “War Damn Eagle or “Glory To Ole Georiga.” It won’t take any less of meaning with limited fans pulling for their beloved team. This is the first time since 1927 these two teams have met this early in the season.  This is one of college football’s biggest matches in Week 5 overall and Week 2 in the SEC as two top 10 teams will collide. The #7 Auburn Tigers have all the right moves even if they are playing for their life well Gus Malzahn is to a degree. The #4 Georiga bulldogs are soul searching on offense but relying on a dangerous defense will it be enough to do more than just get by at home? Here is the SEC Week 2 Lights Out: The Deep Souths Oldest Rivalry Edition.

 Game Notes: 7:30 PM ET, Sanford Stadium, Athens, GA on ESPN


#7 Auburn

The Tigers are coming off a solid 29-13 win over the Kentucky Wildcats in Week 1 of the SEC. The War Eagle offense was soaring with Sophomore QB, Bo Nix getting down to business at Jordona-Haire. It took a bit but come the second half he was all work accounting for 233 passing yards and three touchdowns in the second half of the ball game.  The Georgia defense is going to have their work cut out for them because the connection between Bo Nix and WR Seth Williams is just a beautiful nightmare for the line across from this offense. Like many SEC defenses this season it is hard yet to say what they will become. In a league once dominated by the defense over offense, it seems that this has been an uphill battle. Despite its weaker moments, the Auburn defense was able to sustain itself enough when it mattered to overcome the Big Blue Nation and has great potential especially with LBs like KJ Britt leading the way. 

 If they can build on that with the woes UGA is having with their QB identity this could be a substantial game-changer for Auburn tonight in  Athens.

#4 Georgia

You know last week Kirby Smart and the Georiga Bulldogs gave their fan base one hell of a scare with their offensive woes and QB issues in the first half. Thank goodness for the defense and special teams coming more than big to put the Dawgs over the Razorbacks on the road  37-10. 

 While Daniels has been cleared no one is quite sure if Smart will go with Daniels or Bennett to start out against the Tigers. But regardless the Georgia offense needs to get cranked up and find a way to produce a run game and open things up in that backfield so his playmakers can make plays. SMART and SIMPLE Georgia! Like I said thank you Jesus for that Georiga defense because they are straight beasts. They held Arkansas to 4.2 yards per play and 3 of 14 on third downs. If it wasn’t for this the Dawgs would have never been able to come up for a gasp of air and left Fayetteville with a W.  This storyline of playing defensive heavy surely can’t be repeated if they are going to win at home against Auburn in a pivotal SEC and CFP match.


#7 Auburn

Dial-Up Those Blitzes
We know that even with Daniels being cleared that the Georgia offense is disgruntled and can be easily shaken up . I expect DC, Kevin Steele to be dialing up blitzes for days and to further create chaos and confusion for the Dawgs at home and force them to make substantial mistakes that will prove to be the nail in the coffin if it can’t be stopped.

Go Hard Or Go Home 

We saw Nix get into the groove and his connection to  Williams is going to be something to watch but he can’t wait to get things going. The Tigers have to come out of the gate swinging and full speed ahead. This season there isn’t a chance to just sit and wait on the bus instead you might find yourself sprinting just to get a seat if you let it leave you in the dust. The Georgia defense is dangerous so they need to slow it down and that’s by pushing them on the ground and controlling the clock. Wear Em Down gentlemen and convert!

#4 Georgia

Run The Damn Ball

If they can just get a run game going that would help bring some much-needed balance and relief to a rough start for the Bulldogs. They have playmakers but like I said you have to set them up to make plays and get the momentum up early. Cause that Auburn defense is going to play mercilessly.

Don’t Make It One-Sided
The Dawgs are damn lucky to have a dangerous defense and special teams corp that can make monster plays but that’s is not going to get them past the first quarter of the ball game if it the only means you rely on. We saw how when Bo Nix got on his flow just how much the Tigers we able to get done on the ground and in the red zone. Give your defense balance so they can continue to produce and be fresh for an entire game. Consistency is key!

This is going to be a heater and perhaps cause a little widespread panic for both these ball clubs. Either way, the outcome will shake up the SEC. It’s a must-win for Gus and I honestly don’t see how he should lose this game on paper. However, in a rivalry so deeply rooted especially under these unconventional circumstances, It won’t be just any Saturday night under the lights in Athens. Despite their woes, my instinct says Kirby Smart will dial up a way to fix the problem enough to get past the Tigers at home. Now it may not be pretty to watch but you can bet dem dawgs are going to grit it out. I take the Georiga Bulldogs over the Auburn Tigers 19-13

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