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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Draw Your Brakes On Bradley Beal

Mark R. Bacon—Main Event Sports DC

For me, this is personal. I’m a Wizards fan. Above that, I am a Bradley Beal fan. Cat’s so-o-o-o overlooked and under appreciated. So… NBA free agency madness is upon us. While waves of new deals across the NBA landscape have made headlines, one rumor that came to light has been put to bed.

Former NBA forward Matt Barnes connected Wizards star Bradley Beal to the Miami Heat on ESPN’s The Jump Sunday evening. 

Barnes: “I’m also hearing they’re [Miami Heat] trying to pair him [Jimmy Butler] with Bradley Beal.”

Adrian Wojnarowski appeared on The Jump shortly afterward and cleared up the chatter regarding Beal, stating that the Wizards plan to keep him. The Heat wouldn’t have the assets to trade for a player of his caliber, either. The Athletics’s Fred Katz reaffirmed Wojnarowski’s reports shortly after.

Katz: “Guys, just slow your roll on Bradley Beal to the Heat. Every indication I have is the Wizards have no intention of trading him and even if they did, I have no idea what Miami could possibly give up that would come close to the best offer for him.”


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