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Gridiron Quick Snap: NFL Kick-Off 2020 Houston @ Kansas City

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo MESPORTS SOUTH

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KANSAS CITY, MO– It’s Thursday folks and you know what that means! The  NFL  will be full-on and in the flesh tonight to kick-off the 2020 season. The quest for the Lombardi Trophy is officially up for grabs as the Houston Texans take on Reids reigning NFL champs the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.  Today whether your a fan or in the business there is just something different in the day knowing that even in this crazy time there still are a few things that bring back normalcy for a bit. Thought football is back let’s be honest is going to look and be a hell of a lot different from the tailgate to the field but I think most will take what they can get right? For the 20% of y’all bracing the elements to make the game tonight don’t forget to visit the  COVID Game Day guide so you can do your part to keep the game going.

Game Notes

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

Kick-Off: 8:20 ET

Venue: Arrowhead Stadium: Kansas City, Missouri

Network: NBC

Spread: Chiefs -9

The Quick Snap

Texans (0-0,0 1st AFC SOUTH)

It will be a QB dual tonight on for both teams. However, never undermine the underdog ball club especially with a QB like Deshaun Watson. Watson can be just a smooth operator on the football field when it comes to getting into that endzone. Yes, he may no longer have DeAndre Hopkins as his go-to target but he has plenty of weapons and speed in that backfield in Kenny Stills,Randall Cobb, Brandon Cooks, and David Johnson.

The majority of the weight and eyes will be on the offense side of the ball to pull out the upset. But the Texans defense will need to stay on its toes to try to slow down the speed of the Mahomes and his offensive tribe before it runs away on them. Houston pass defense was not to hot last season they allowed 30 or more points five different times and had difficulty finding ways to put substantial pressure on the quarterbacks they face. They better find a quick way to step up their game especially with a Mahomes and company feeling the need for speed on every play that usually ends up in the RedZone then the endzone. The Defense ranked 27th in team sacks and allowed the fourth-most passing yards in the league. 

The Texans will have a lot to prove and compensate a great deal this season. Especially, with Coach O’Briens maneuvering tactics on the roster and on the playbook. He too will be playing to prove that there was in fact a method to his madness behind his trade of Hopkins and that in fact, the Texans have enough to close the deals better than they did when the going got tough.

Chiefs (0-0,0 2nd AFC WEST)

While they may be coming off one of the most peculiar offseasons in franchise history there are couple things that you can bet the Chiefs will have in check and that will be its offense. Andy Reid may have taken a while to get that Super Bowl ring but when it comes to the crafting of offense he is quite the grandmaster. The Chiefs are no strangers to racking up a lot of points and I don’t see the defending champs letting up on that this season so don’t expect it to be a low scoring affair. 

With Kansas City’s offense returning 10 out of its 11 starters with Mahomes at the reigns and that backfield filled with Tyreek Hill and looks like Travis Kelce will get back in the mix tonight it is going to get nasty on that scoreboard. The Chiefs offensively average 28 2 points per game even when they lost Mahomes for two games with a knee injury so even in these uncertain times. The Chiefs are going to dial up some major offense and points.

 How could I forget the debut of 1st rounder RB and former Bayou Bengal, Clyde Edward-Helaire sporting his red and yellow this evening? You know Reid has orchestrated some unique plays just to show with the kid can do in his rookie debut! Excited to see what kind of impact he makes early on for this high powered offense. I have a feeling hes going to get right to running and handling business starting with the Texans on his home gridiron.

As high scoring as the Chiefs offense, you can almost about bet they will give up quite a few points as well remember that Texans vs Chiefs divisional playoff matchup last season. Tonight the defense will have a little room to figure it out because it’s going to come down to Mahomes and the offense to seal the deal for the Chiefs. However, they are going to need to run a tight ship tonight especially with Watsons ability to make plays and score points quickly. Wouldnt want them to build too much of a lead with the momentum we all know its possible.

The focus may be on two explosive offenses dueling it out which ultimately could be the deciding factory whether their team remains untouched or avenges a past loss. Either way, both these defensives could be the game-changer if it gets close and heated int he final moments of the game. As good as the Chiefs and Texans offense operate both these defenses can’t keep coasting vacations over time to grit it out, gentlemen. If either one of them can play just a bit smarter and faster to help ease the weight on their offense then like I said that could make all the difference. 

As much as I would love to side with my Brown Bear family and pick Coach O’Brien and the Texans to take it to the Chiefs on the road. I just think Coach Reid’s new bag of tricks coming from the offensive side of the ball and the playbook with veterans intact is just going to be too much this round for the Texans to stop defensively or for Watson to outmatch when its all said and done. Football is back baby, I still can’t believe it we made it!

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