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Fearless Satterfield shines in victory over UCF

One of the big evaluations that I have made during his time as the UofL head coach was that Scott Satterfield has 2 different faces in his game day prep and coaching style when taking the field to captain his Cardinals. I have seen him come out and especially against “Name” programs very conservative with a play style of running the clock, playing bend but don’t break defense, and generally taking as few chances as possible. The other face is that of the confident and imaginative play caller that had him considered one of the best young coaches in the business.      

QB Malik Cunningham

     There have been unexpected highs as well as unexpected lows on the field and a mixed bag of off-the-field gaffes that have kept the fan base from getting fully behind the Satterfield era. Well on Friday night under the lights was decidedly one of the best moments of his tenure. And there is no doubt the key to victory was a confident and fearless Coach Satt. He was equal parts riverboat gambler and tactical genius with as well timed play calls that I had seen since his first year at UofL. Add to that another step forward by Bryan Brown and the Cardinal defense who came up with several timely stops and ultimately the game winning Pick-6.

RB Trevion Cooley

     I feel like the moral of the story is to as the cheer call says BE AGGRESSIVE!!!! B!!! E!!!! AGGRESSVE!!!!! This Louisville program has been defined by head coaches that went and took what they wanted and that translated to the team. I am a firm believer that your team will reflect the attitude of their coach and I feel that one of the big reasons that the Cards came out so lethargic vs Ole Miss was because you got the conservative Satterfield during the preparation process for that game. So the question is will the lessons learned and the success on the field vs UCF continue from here on out? Well heading on the road vs. a very unhappy FSU team and program that will be looking to save their season on Saturday afternoon vs. UofL.

UofL travels to FSU this Saturday at 3:30pm (ESPN 2)

     Make no mistake the Seminole nation is not happy with anything going on with their football program in Tallassee right now. They want blood and anyone’s blood will do and versus a Louisville program that has taken advantage of the downtrodden FSU program with several wins over the last few seasons. This Cardinal team is going to be entering a hornet’s nest Saturday and if they don’t bring just as much fight and imagination these week as last they can most definitely lose this game. So here is my plea and request to Scott Satterfield moving forward. Be you, be aggressive, and be confident.

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Raashaan Myers is the long time Co-Host of the Main Event Sports Show and Anchor for the PGN News Network in Louisville. Member of the US Basketball Writers Association and former recruiting columnist for Lover of all things UofL and basketball! Looking to bring truth to the masses.  He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Raashaan

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