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COVID 19: Fans In The Stands?

Mark R. Bacon—Main Event Sports DC

Watching the relative successes of The Basketball Tournament (TBT), it seems the return of live sports is looming over the horizon. The teams and staff needed to execute the tournament relied on data, science and a responsible approach to get this done right. Now, many are clamoring for fans in the stands. But what’s seen in coffee shops, stores and even parking lots, should give one pause.

Want sports back with fans?? Then we need help from everyone. If people want to watch baseball, football or basketball in the coming months, please wear a mask, social distance, keep washing your hands. This current bullshit where suddenly people have virus fatigue and think, ‘Well, it’s been four months. We’re over it. This has been enough time, right? We’ve waited long enough, shouldn’t sports come back now?’

No, there are things we have to do in order to bring it all back. And now you want to bring fans back? Is that safe? I mean, I don’t think so. I’m not a public health expert. But we should probably defer to them on some of these issues. So I don’t know if it’s safe or not. I really don’t know. But that doesn’t seem like something that – I don’t know if that feels like a good idea or not. I don’t think it is. I don’t think the public deserves it.

I do know people in the United States do not deserve sports when they cannot be team players. We’re witnessing fucking fights over facial coverings!! It’s a political football. So many self-serving, narcissistic turds cannot even be mildly considerate. Does some woman have to tell some of you men “your dick looks bigger when you wear a mask”??!! Seems that way.

My sincere wish, as a die-hard hoopaholic, is no team sports in 2020, or beyond, until we, as a nation, can get our collective shit together and care for one another.

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